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Discover the Benefits of Organic, Fresh-Made Foods & Treats!

@ Organic Doggy Chef;
We believe that both the quality of ingredients and the unique preparation of our products is the key to preserving all the nutrients necessary for your dog’s health

Mocha 14yr & Java 12yr

They have been healthy but recently I noticed they lacked appetite and had no energy. When I was introduced to Organic Doggy Chef, I immediately noticed that their energy increased dramatically. Their weight also went back to their optimum.

Amazingly, the coats become so shiny in a very short period of time. I am so very grateful to have come upon ODC. I believe this food has dramatically benefited my dog’s health and will be beneficial for all dogs.


Mari/Pet & grooming storeowner, LA


My dog companion, Pilot, was a stray and came to me with a host of medical issues I wasn’t prepared for. We used prescribed medications, but they only treated acute health concerns. The overall wellness of my dog still wasn’t being addressed. That changed when I found Organic Doggy.Chef Pilot loves your foods, his energy is up, and he looks great. 


Dave Shapiro/LA


Kalbi has been on Organic Doggy Chef's fresh-made foods and treats for a few months now.

My precious Kalbi's hair has started to shine and become super soft. He was also chronically constipated, but after starting ODC, he now has regular, healthy and perfectly formed bowel movements.


Thank you so much Organic Doggy Chef! We Love you!


Eiko / Owner-Restaurateur, LA


Buddy is a very picky eater. I have been feeding Buddy your organic beef foods and treats for over

2 months now and he loves it!





My Dudley was diagnosed to have only a few weeks to live because of a gall bladder problem. He was so sick he had no appetite at all and couldn’t leave his bed. But when he was introduced to Organic Doggy Chef, he was up from bed the next day and gobbled down the food like crazy! Dudley acted like a young pup again and his life was extended for 6 months! 


Cindy Debaun from Laguna Beach


Dino used to be miserable because of digestive problems but after eating Organic Doggy Chef’s food and treats he’s bursting with energy and really enjoys eating it!  Now his fur is shining and his digestive problems are completely gone.


Jim Maccaro from Laguna Niguel


Vuitton and Louise

Vuitton and Louise are like family to us and a dear part of our lives. They both used to have very bad allergies but when they started eating organic doggy chef’s food, they became allergy-free and full of vitality! Vuitton and Louise have been happily eating ODC fresh food for five years.

Mr. and Mrs. Nishitani from Torrance

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