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Your dog deserves life extending foods and treats!

  • Gourmet healthy dog food.

  • Contains everything most dogs need.

  • Delicious menu that dogs crave. 

Storing and Preparing our foods.

Store freshly-made foods in the freezer.
Thaw in the refrigerator the day before feeding.
If you choose to defrost in room temperature water, it will be 1~2 hours before serving your dog. Our foods stay fresh up to 5 days after defrosting. Always keep refrigerated.

Suggested Serving Size *

Please keep in mind that serving sizes vary and should be based on your dog’s specific weight and unique eating patterns. All serving suggestions are an approximation and feeding requirements will depend on your understanding of your dog. Please pay attention to your dogs’ weight, activities, and changes to adjust the portions.

* For smooth transition to “Organic Doggy Chef” premium foods, please introduce our foods as a topping mixed with your current dog food for 1~3 days. You can fully replace your dog’s food with our premium foods after day four.

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